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Iowa Utility Board Comments on Iowa's Nuclear CWIP Bill

It appears that current and future developments may make carbon-emitting generating resources uneconomical and, as a result, make nuclear power plants a more viable alternative for serving customer needs than they have been in the last few decades. However, it may be that additional regulatory certainty is required to create a level playing field for all of the reasonable alternatives.

Beat High Bank Fees

Learn how to shop smart and avoid hidden bank fees by using our consumer guide. We provide tips on how to avoid overdraft fees, save money at ATMs, and find free checking. Are you tierd of fees? Then vote with your feet!

Beat High Bank Fees

Banks rely on consumer indifference when they raise fees. They count on consumers not shopping around. They count on consumers not switching banks. Look closely at your statements for the last year. Compare the costs of your accounts both to other accounts at your bank and to accounts at other banks in the area. Know what types of transactions you regularly make. Evaluate accounts with your own needs as a yardstick. Iowa PIRG’s Big Banks, Bigger Fees reports routinely find that small banks and credit unions are not following the big banks’ lead; they still offer many free or low cost accounts.

Toy Safety Tips Brochure

This brochure provide you with safety tips to help you buy toys that are safe and avoid toys that may pose a choking, strangulation or toxic hazard. 


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